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Auckland Regional Public Health Service’s Asian Public Health was established in March 2003 following recommendations of the Asian Public Health Project, a comprehensive public health needs-assessment project of the Auckland region that was sponsored by the Ministry of Health’s Public Health Directorate.

The Asian population was noted to be the second largest population group in the Auckland region in the 2001 Census. It is expected to increase in the coming years. The population is very diverse in terms of country of origin, language, length of stay, religious and cultural affiliation and socio-economic status. The Asian community consists of a variety of groups ranging from the descendants of the first Asian migrants in New Zealand to established and new migrants, international students and refugee groups.

While Asian people generally enjoy a relatively good health status, a number of socioeconomic and health issues faced by Asian communities warrant an immediate public health response. The Auckland Regional Public Health Service has therefore received funding from the Ministry of Health to promote the health of Asian people in the Auckland region. It will continue to advocate for favourable public policies and work with the community organisations and other health providers to address some of the key health issues faced by Asian peoples in the region.